Naomi Cheyanne – See You Later (2022)

Naomi Cheyanne has revealed different aspects of relationships through her singles ‘I Know’ and ‘Mr. Selfish’. She continues this trend with a splash of sarcasm and passion in ‘See You Later’. Moving away from insecurities and insincere relationships, she turns our attention to the endearing communication of a romantic couple.

While the subject diverges slightly from the usual, her mix of groovy beats and catchy vocals remains as enticing as ever. Cheyanne is sure to catch you in the drum pattern before having you sink into her neo-soul and contemporary RnB vocals. If this is the first single you have heard from her, it is sure to have you diving head-first into the rest of her catalogue.

‘See You Later’ uses a rich river of sound to grab your attention. The deep beats rise from beneath the smooth soulful touch of the opening notes. There is a wonderful forward drive to the music that comes from the beats, but the softness of the higher levels creates a gentle glide. It is an amazing combination of RnB and soul that has you sinking into the movement. At times, there is a drop to the melody that gives you a pause before you are gently pushed back into the movement. The overall softness of the melody lifts something off your chest and lets you know things are going well. The layers of sound have been masterfully combined to create the push of the track.

As you move down the single to the music, Cheyanne’s vocals are a decadent slide of silk against your skin. Her voice is captivating as she pulls you into the communication of a romantic couple. While the melody is soft, there is a darker edge to the lyrics. This balance of soft and dark is wonderful because it connects with the communication that is at the heart of the single. While there is a sadder potential end to the relationship than you initially think, there is a spark of hope that everything can be worked through. The light echo to her vocals on the chorus adds to the overall richness of the single, making it undeniably decadent.

With the rich and decadent tones of ‘See You Later’, Naomi Cheyanne considers communication in a romantic relationship and the spark of hope this can bring. Both the melody and her vocals are rich in their smoothness as they draw you into the single. The vocals do have a sadder edge to them than the music, but they come together for a wonderfully luxurious sound.

Find out more about Naomi Cheyanne on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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