Naomi Cheyanne – Mr. Selfish (2021)

Naomi Cheyanne revealed the insecurities that many people feel in relationships through the fusion tones of ‘I Know’. While her single ‘Mr. Selfish’ looks at a different aspect of relationships, the fusion of musical styles continues. Bringing trap and hip-hop elements to her alternative RnB sound, she brings insincere relationships to life.

While the single personifies masculine energy, it is done through the words of a woman who is taking ownership in the relationship. Inspired by a long talk about insincere relationships with producer Daniel Robert, a freestyle in the recording booth led to the discovery of this track. Engaging with a lot to say, the single will get you thinking while moving to its rhythm.

‘Mr. Selfish’ gently flows through the opening before this winds down and hits you with a serious RnB vibe. The beats have a touch of the track to their shivers that gets your shoulders moving to them. There is a delicate cascade of sounds that tumbles through the soundscape to create texture against the engaging beats. The richness of the music is seductive and warm as it slides into your veins. While the melody brings RnB and trap together, the hip-hop touch is very light but beautifully woven into the depths of the music.

Cheyanne’s vocals are a smooth layer resting over the deep beats. Her performance is warm and pure RnB as she hits out at the real selfish people in a relationship. The lyrics are relatable and filled with power while turning an unapologetic eye on what is really happening. This power wonderfully translates into empowerment and the feeling that you should be true to yourself regardless of what others say. The movement of her performance is extremely catchy and you might just find yourself singing along. This combines with the melody to create a sound that pops into your head at random times throughout the day.

Naomi Cheyanne fuses RnB and trap while bringing unapologetic energy to insincere relationships in the engaging tones of ‘Mr. Selfish’. The melody has a layered swaying arrangement that gets you moving to the sound. Her vocals are smooth and powerful as they turn bad experiences into empowerment.

Find out more about Naomi Cheyanne on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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