Track of the Day: Simple Safari – “YOUTH”

Picking up his drumsticks, James Brearley (co-founder and former drummer of The Manatees) embarks on a new solo project – Simple Safari. Inspired and influenced by the work of Tame Impala, The Police, Kings of Leon and The Night Cafe, Simple Safari has an innovative and intriguing indie-rock sound.

Simple Safari released his debut single “YOUTH” on September 18th, 2020 – that’s last Friday if you want specifics. Using an unconventional DIY approach to recording and producing, Brearley recorded the track in his tiny University bedroom featuring a guitar he built himself. The track was self-produced, but it was co-mixed with long-time friend Roy Merchant.

“YOUTH” is probably the aptest name for the single because it really is all about youth and self-growth. Reflective of an adolescent romance, “YOUTH” is not one of those sombre nostalgic songs. Instead, it is an optimistic and realistic one reviewing the natural cycle of relationships and how growing up can affect these “puppy loves”.

Honest and endearing, the catchy guitar riffs and steady drumbeat build the foundation of an upbeat, addictive song. However, it is the warmth and boldness of Brearley’s voice that round it all out. What I find particularly interesting about Brearley’s work – although, he only has one song to his digital repertoire – is how he uses his multi-instrumentalist skills to create the illusion of a full band.

They say that everything has a natural beginning and end. Personally, I was hoping that Simple Safari’s “YOUTH” would never end.

You can find out more about Simple Safari on his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

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