Cable TV – Sucker (2021)

If you are having relationship doubts and want a song that seems to get you on a deep level, try ‘Sucker’ by Cable TV. Taking on this common topic, he uses a less than common approach packed with chillwave tones and synth-pop beats. Combining an intimate depth with huge sounds, he has created a single that could easily become a cult classic.

This look at relationships comes from James Yuill. The synth-based project is a softer turn from his usual mix of folk and electronica. If you are looking for a single that touches your insecurities on a deep level while letting you sit back and chill, you don’t need to look any further.

‘Sucker’ comes out of the gate with some seriously impressive chillwave vibes. There is an expansive feeling to the opening like a balloon filling and getting ever bigger. The hazy chilled vibes give way to something more grounded as the ethereal sounds fall to earthy beats. The clapping tones add a pulse to the music which is so rich and luxurious. There is a depth to the synths that make you feel like you could sink into their softness without any trouble. The swells of the melody are countered by the drops making the music feel like breathing.

Yuill’s vocals add to the grounded feeling of the music when he first enters on the verse. While grounded, there is a questioning quality to his performance. This works perfectly with the lyrics which call out the doubts you might have in a relationship. Threaded around the vocals is a sense of trying to make things better but floundering as you don’t know where to start. There is a light electronic vibe to the vocals that combine with the synths to enrich the feeling of the single.

Cable TV has you sinking into the luxuriously rich synths of the melody while the vocals call out doubts many have had in ‘Sucker’. There is an almost overindulgent richness to the synths which is countered by a grounded depth shining through the vocals. These elements combine for a scintillating track that sucks you into its rich folds.

Find out more about Cable TV on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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