Rodney Eldridge – Black Box (2021)

With his debut EP Black Box, Rodney Eldridge is letting everyone know what he is all about. Through the four tracks of the EP, he delivers a post-mortem of the last decade of his life through personal experiences and contemplations of his own actions. While a deeply personal journey, there is so much in each track that we can all relate to and that we should all consider in terms of our own lives.

While Eldridge has established himself as a film and TV producer, he has nurtured his musical talent from a young age. This musical ember flared to life after turbulent experiences and an emotional journey that has shaped the music he creates. Every moment that has led to this EP has been woven into the tapestry of sound for a moment of insight into just who Rodney Eldridge really is.

‘Came Here to Talk’ opens the EP with a gentle progressive melody. There is a soft awakening to the piano line that leads you into the light of his vocals like the first rays of dawn. Eldridge’s vocals have a slightly dreamy feeling to them like they are the mists that hang over the grass on a chilly morning. As the song progresses, his voice picks up power to soar into the blue skies and take you with him. While there is a feeling of awakening and renewal in the track, this is tinged with a bittersweet emotion that has been artfully woven in.

The easy tone of an acoustic guitar leads you into ‘The Weight’. The aptly titled track tackles the weight we all feel resting on our shoulders. The rather tranquil movement of the melody helps you relax and ease these burdens from your shoulders leaving you feeling lighter at the end. The vocals have an interesting conversational vibe to them that is dusted with a confession. Through his performance, you are offered a connection and understanding of the pressure that brings unease to your life. Close to the end of the track, the weight is lifted and you are left feeling empowered and strong.

‘Am I Too Late?’ has a sadder feeling to the opening piano line. There is a sombreness to the melody that brings you down after the empowerment of the last track. While the music is melancholic, his vocals are a healing slave that soothes the pain in your soul. The lyrics touch on negative emotions that we have all experienced before working through them and clawing your way to the light. He finds the perfect balance between desolate questioning and the urge to move forward. The lightness of the melody that comes later gives the single a wash of twilight that is utterly wonderful.

The EP ends with ‘Other Side’ which brings back the acoustic guitar. The guitar has a tenderness that is a whisper against your ears and a warm blanket wrapped around you on a cold day. Eldridge’s vocals carry this tenderness to a new level while confronting a range of emotions. There is a reaching feeling in the track that grasps at something just out of reach. As his voice gains power, the emotion tug on your heart strengthens while leaving you completely satisfied.

Rodney Eldridge works through a range of emotions in the tranquil and confessional tones of Black Box. Each track has a different feeling that captures experiences and emotions we are all able to relate to. This is wrapped around his emotive performances that touch deep in our chest and tug at your heart.

Find out more about Rodney Eldridge on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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