Katie Belle – Daughter (2021)

Katie Belle is reaching out to all of us for a relatable embrace with her single ‘Daughter’. Combining a catchy melody with expressive vocals, she draws us into a time capsule of salvation, solace and redemption stemming from a broken heart. A truly powerful journey, the metaphor-driven lyrics are backed by equally strong melodic instrumentation for a delightful listening experience.

This single continues the musical journey Belle has taken since appearing on the 17th season of American Idol. Winning the hearts of her audience, Belle fills listeners with upbeat yet nostalgic tones that rejuvenate the senses and fill you with emotion from top to bottom. Sure to send chills racing down your spine in a good way, the single is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

The tender tones of the piano that open ‘Daughter’ settle over your shoulders like a lacy shawl. There is a sombre feeling to the melody that is made haunting by the tones that warble through the background. While the melody is piano-driven, the instrumentation that is sprinkled over it adds to the expressive movement of the track. The melody starts to build as the track progresses bringing you a sense of redemption and strength as you move on from the tenderness of the opening. It is a wonderful melodic flow that works perfectly with the vocals.

Belle’s vocals in the opening are as tender as the music as she drops you into a time capsule and a moment frozen in time. This leads to the pain of heartbreak that is laced into her vocals as she reaches into your chest and squeezes your heart. The metaphors woven into the track are light and bring a story to your ears that is unbelievably powerful. The power of the lyrics and the journey they detail are only second to the emotive performance that Belle unleashes on us. Through her performance, she has you feeling all the emotions of the moment, the growing strength of overcoming heartbreak and the realisation of the pain caused that she wishes on someone.

Katie Belle unleashes a powerful story of heartbreak, pain, redemption and strength through the captivating tones of ‘Daughter’. The track moves from tender and pain-filled to strong and hopeful that the person who hurt her one day understands her pain. It is a very powerful single that carries an important message in the undertones that is well worth looking for.

Find out more about Katie Belle on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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