Nathaniel Paul – It’s All A Rage (2020)

The last year has been awash with chaotic energy making it a daunting journey for everyone to get through. This energy has been captured and compressed by Nathaniel Paul for his single ‘It’s All A Rage’. Through the single, he touches on everything from the warming climate to politics. While considering these chaotic and heavy topics, he also fills you with the strength to get through everything and survive in the often desolate-feeling modern world.

After finding inspiration in weeds that grow in the most desolate places, Paul picked up his guitar and went to the studio. While he is better known as one part of The Bergamot, Paul is using his musical prowess to capture listeners as a solo artist. Having never planned to release solo work, we are glad that he has.

‘It’s All A Rage’ opens with Paul’s light vocals. There is a soft feeling to his vocals that turns into something a bit desolate. There is a lot of emotional movement in his performance as he draws you in with a sense of depression which is compounded on the chorus, but this turns into something a bit more hopeful. As the single progresses, he transforms the desolate feelings into something stronger and persistent filling you with the strength to survive when everything feels to be all in vain.

Below his vocals, is a melody that truly captures the chaotic energy of the last year. There is an interesting movement to the melody starting with the light beats in the opening that are covered by the guitar line. There are all these layers to the melody that come at you from different directions making you turn around in the soundscape. While each thread calls for your attention, there is a cohesive feeling to the flow of the music that leads you along the vocals.

Nathaniel Paul compresses the chaotic energy of the last year in ‘It’s All A Rage’ while filling you with a subtle strength. His vocals move from desolation to perseverance as he encourages you to survive despite the terrible things that are happening. The melody captures the essence of chaos through the layers that come at you from all directions.

Find out more about Nathaniel Paul on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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