NAYTiiVE – Redlight (2021)

There are times when reality becomes too much and you need to escape for a little while. NAYTiiVE is here with a slice of escapism in his single ‘Redlight’. The single is a liberating daydream of a life away from hard times where you can put all your worries to the side and live in the moment. If you feel life getting you down, this is the song that will get you bopping your head while your spirits are lifted.

The track came about after a rough day when NAYTiiVE and a friend were feeling a bit sorry for themselves. Their wishing to be like the people from Made in Chelsea with all the money in the world was woven into a track that offers a slice of escape for everyone who listens.

‘Redlight’ shimmers with a hazy flow in the opening of the track. There is a retro-soul feeling to the clicking tones while the lower shimmers of the melody are more modern. The melody takes a light funky turn on the chorus as the beats grab onto you. There is a vibe to the music that makes you want to slide to it as the beats build on the chorus. The music has a soulful richness that is velveteen against your ears. The washes of hazy tones continue throughout the single for an unbelievably smooth single.

NAYTiiVe’s vocals continue the soul vibes of the track with a whiskey smoothness that perfectly complements the soulful melody. His falsetto notes are spot-on as they lead you to the chorus and wonderfully build you up for the smooth vocals. There is a softness to his performance that slides across the melody and pulls you along for the ride. The combination of the vocals and melody puts you in a warm spot where you can think about your dream life without any worries.

NAYTiiVE covers you in smooth soulful vibes as he has you dreaming about what could be in ‘Redlight’. The retro-soul vibes of the melody merge with a modern tone for a velveteen soundscape. His vocals slide along the music to draw you into the peaceful and relaxing tones.

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