Conner Ball – Careful (2021)

Following several stints with cover bands, US-based singer-songwriter Conner Ball embraced a solo career in 2020. He began playing music and performing in his youth, but now he is recording original material with various musicians. Despite having only three tracks to his name, Ball has made waves on the Missouri music scene for a while. Now he is reaching out to an international audience receiving coverage from online radio stations, Its All Indie and FV Music Blog. The latest addition to his heartwarming discography is ‘Careful’.

Showcasing his innovativeness, Ball moves from the hazy, synth-filled ‘In The Air’ to a steadier, warmer sound in ‘Careful’. Combining dynamic instrumentation with dulcet vocals, the track has a comforting melodic sound. In fact, listening to ‘Careful’ is like jumping into a beautifully perfumed river of music.

Inspired by true love, Ball notes that “this song reflects the time I met my wife” – and it definitely shows in the intimate lyricism. Insightful and charming, Ball uses a personal narrative to portray the headiness of falling in love for the first time. While the song seems to be a pretty love song on the surface, there is a complexity beneath showcasing a depth of content.

Filled with vulnerability, Ball’s elegant execution of the lyrics is soul-stirring; however, the arrangement is what sends shivers down my spine. Merging guitars, drums and an organ, ‘Careful’ is a kaleidoscopic swirl of sound, but there is still a beautiful simplicity. The crescendos and diminuendos push the intensity of this sincere song. Add rich vocals and you have a robust soundscape for instant attraction and true romance.

For more from Conner Ball check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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