BabyShoes – Burned Out (2020)

The world is going through a troubled and turbulent time right now. BabyShoes is trying to capture what people are feeling right now with his single ‘Burned Out’. This latest single continues the encapsulation of the distant and stagnant feelings that many have at the moment. These emotions shine through in the static and doomsday soundscape of this one-man band.

Combining noise rock with some experimental stylings, BabyShoes connects with you in a strange way. Using vulnerable vocals, he opens himself up while drawing you in and helps you find the solace you need right now.

The stop-start opening of ‘Burned Out’ grabs your attention. The thrumming beat from the opening gets an additional layer of clapping tones that form a melodic static below the vocals. This melody gives way later in the song to a crashing of guitars that is all noise rock. The pounding against your ears is combined with an almost cheering static in the background to completely change the vibe of the song. The movement between these two melodies is wonderful and really throws the emotions of the song at you. The initial melody is all those feelings of isolation while the noise rock is the feeling that everything is becoming a bit too much.

Over this is BabyShoes’ vocals. His performance has this post-rock vibe to it. At the start of the song, you can feel the tiredness of his performance and the burn out that he is feeling. This turns into an almost ethereal tone before you are hit with some heavy alternative sounds. When that second melody hits, his vocals change to this aggressive echoey performance that perfectly matches the pounding melody.

BabyShoes encapsulates the negative emotions many people are feeling right now in his experimental single ‘Burned Out’. This song is almost two in one as you start with a melodic static that turns into an aggressive pounding. While this might seem strange, it actually works well with the subject matter, but might not be a song that everyone will enjoy.

Find out more about BabyShoes on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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