Nick Kandler – Closure (2020)

Leaving a toxic relationship can cause wounds that need to be healed. Nick Kandler offers a salve for these injuries with his debut single ‘Closure’. All about healing after a toxic relationship, the single soothes your soul and helps you chart a path forward. Through relatable lyrics and an electronic pop soundscape, your worries and ills are eased.

While Kandler has been interested in music since a young age, he is only just hitting out on his own. After trying out different styles in a boy band and as part of a rock and EDM duo, he turned his energy to production. Now he is ready to take the world by storm with his solo music which draws on various moments of his life.

‘Closure’ introduces you to Kandler’s vocals from the first smooth moment. His vocals have a wonderful flow as they lightly draw you into the soundscape. His performance is a light yet questioning touch on your ears. His falsetto is great as he gets you hooked to the chorus and seeking an end to a toxic relationship. As he works through relatable lyrics, he easily paints the scene while filling you with the emotional search for closure.

The melody enhances the emotional impact of his vocals. The deep beats at the start of the track provide insight into the toxic relationship. There is a swirling feeling to the melody that reminds you of the twisting emotions of a toxic relationship. The electronic pop stylings of the melody come into their own on the chorus as you move away from the toxic person. The driving drums propel you to closure and act as a salve on your wounds.

Nick Kandler uses relatable lyrics and a pulsing soundscape to help you find ‘Closure’ after a toxic relationship. His vocals are a light touch on the swirling melody as he easily paints the picture of the relationship, realisation of toxicity and search for closure.

Find out more about Nick Kandler on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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