Ryne Meadow – Judgement (2020)

Ryne Meadow is drawing on the current political climate, Black Lives Matter and his own spiritual journey for his single ‘Judgement’. Focusing on a personal relationship with a higher power, the single looks to shrug off the judgements and preconceived notions instilled in people. Written during a spiritual awakening, he critically looks at the struggles of modern society and how prejudice causes us to stray from feeling unconditional love toward everyone.

The folk-pop single continues the sound Meadow has honed since cutting his teeth at autumn festivals and school talent contests. Since then, he has released two albums that have gained him praise from around the United States. He is now looking at personal journeys and the world at large.

The opening of ‘Judgement’ fills you with a sense of twilight where there is creeping darkness with a haze of light. The minimalist melody is so encompassing that you can’t help but be drawn into the soundscape. The simplicity also makes the vocals hit harder as you are filled with a sense of spiritual awakening in a wasteland of prejudice. The beats are like a heartbeat which adds a personal touch to the melody and creates even more depth.

While the melody sets the tone of the track, it is Meadow’s vocals that really make it. The lyrics carry a strong message as they draw you to your own spiritual awakening tinted by Meadow’s own experience. His vocals highlight the struggles he worked through and lead to a sense of wonder when prejudice is left behind. It is a very touching performance that fills you with a depth of emotion and makes you wonder about your own connection with faith.

The official music video takes Meadow’s journey to another level. The video starts with sound samples highlighting the division of the current political climate against a backdrop of Meadow’s searching for help in faith. When the single starts, a sense of calm enters the video with Meadow’s by water. Through the imagery of the video, you are taken through his questioning and awakening.

Ryne Meadow takes you on a spiritual journey of questioning and awakening against a backdrop of the current political climate in ‘Judgement’. This single threads its tendrils into your chest and squeezes from the haunting first notes to the very end. There is no way to not be affected as you listen and are left covered in a deep emotional blanket.

Find out more about Ryne Meadow on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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