Noah Solt – Let’s Make a Fire (2022)

Using his debut single ‘Let’s Make a Fire’ as his introduction, Noah Solt is making quite an impression. With a folk-rock sound crafted using pop production, he draws on an eclectic range of musical influences for a song that taps into longing and celebrations. Written when he was far away from loved ones, he pours his longing to be around them and the idea that people are the spice of life into the track.

The song came about in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when Solt was sailing halfway around the world as a deckhand. Having attended Berklee College of Music is Spain until the pandemic forced him to leave, he draws on the skills he gained for this introduction to his sound. Enjoyable and heartfelt, the single is a wonderful first taste of what he has to offer and really whets your appetite for what he still has to offer.

The strumming of the acoustic guitar pulls you into the salty air of ‘Let’s Make a Fire’. The soft folksiness of the melody has you thinking of days spent on the beach, watching the waves crash onto the sand. The music creates a dichotomy of feelings, with an expansive feeling reaching out for company, while settling around you with an intimate air. Later the music gains an earthier feeling as the reaching feeling of the music drops. This comes back with the soaring tones of the guitar. Every element in the melody soothes something in your soul that leaves you feeling strangely at peace with the world.

As the melody gently draws you into the track, Solt’s vocals invite you to sit beside him by a fire on the beach. There is something wonderfully companionable about the verses that fill you with a sense of connection with another person. The chorus touches on melancholy as he confesses to yearning for someone to connect with. As the chorus comes to an end, he acknowledges that he has found that person. When the music becomes earthy, he slings an arm around your shoulders and leans into you with a friendly nudge. While there is a yearning melancholy at times, the overall flow of his performance is optimistic and happy, as he lifts your spirits and releases any negative emotions that might linger on your soul.

Noah Solt reaches out into the world only to bring you close for an intimate moment around a fire on a beach in ‘Let’s Make a Fire’. The melody is both intimate and expansive as it reaches out and settles carefully around you. Solt’s vocals are emotive as he tugs at threads of melancholy, before nudging you with friendly companionship.

Find out more about Noah Solt on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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