Raleÿell – let them stare (2021)

Already on our radars since we heard her single ‘Dysphoria’ in May (read our review here), Raleÿell has captivated our hearts with her unique sound. Drawing together elements of indie-pop, R&B and alternative rock, the Canadian singer-songwriter lies between Taylor Swift, Florence + The Machine and Christina Perri. Building a reputation for engaging melodies with heart-achingly beautiful lyricism, Raleÿell beguiles audiences near and far. In fact, she is so enchanting she has received critical acclaim from notable blogs like Sinusoidal Music, Independent Music Reviews, Indie Pop Tart and Keep Walking Music. The latest addition to her growing repertoire is the single ‘let them stare’.

Following the synth-laden pop ‘Dysphoria’, ‘let them stare’ takes a turn to a smoother and more soothing ballad style. Retaining her vocal similarity to Florence Welch with the huskiness of Christina Perri, there is a decadent allure to Raleÿell’s dulcet tones. Her rich voice tips you into an intimate swirl of sound while still acting as an anchor within the head-spinning whirlpool; not to mention the swirl is all comfy and warm.

Raleÿell shares that “…the track was created as a kind song that will change your entire state of mind and calm you down for a while.” – something that is effortlessly attained with the charming melody and intimate lyrics. The interesting melodic arrangement showcases a transition from pure pop to a subtle pop-rock sound; an illustration of Raleÿell’s versatility. In fact, her rock-inspired cover of ‘Somebody To Love’ is even more proof of the songstress’ diversity.

The third original single from Raleÿell, ‘let them stare’ is filled with intrigue and enthusiasm. I love all of her work and cannot wait for more from this artist (for what she does is artistry). Perhaps an album? I can but only hope.

For more from Raleÿell check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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