Not Now Norman – Little Cheryl (2020)

While social media allows us to keep up to date with current events and in touch with people, there is a dark side. Not Now Norman is shining their light on this with their single ‘Little Cheryl’. The sassy and punchy track considers the competition with strangers created by social media which is often self-imposed. Through the lyrics, the band looks at how people brag about a portrayed life instead of focusing on what they actually have.

This blunt reflection comes from Taylor Mitchell (vocals), Zander Brown (guitar), Bodhi Turnbull (drums) and Lara Hindhaugh (bass). Drawing on an eclectic mix of influences, they offer an outspoken and relevant sound. While touching on the personal, the engaging sounds are relatable.

The guitar line pulses ‘Little Cheryl’ to life while grabbing your head and getting it moving with the thumping beats. The melody has a catchy vibe that has you moving into the soundscape before you know it. The pace of the music rises on the chorus to pound the messaging of the lyrics home. The guitar is a serious highlight of the melody as it soars before dipping to pull you further into the single.

Mitchell’s performance is everything we love in female rock vocals. Her vocals are engaging as she outlines the story of Cheryl, the girl who pretends to have a life of luxury online while struggling financially to keep up in real life. On the chorus, Mitchell’s vocals push against you with an underlying hint of sass. There is a bluntness in her delivery, but this is woven into the melodic flow of her voice for a wonderfully textured performance.

Not Now Norman are taking on the dark side of social media with the punchy, sassy and engaging single ‘Little Cheryl’. While the melody grabs your attention and has you moving, it is the vocals that confront the dark side. Mitchell’s voice has a hint of sass as she bluntly takes on the fake world of social media.

Find out more about Not Now Norman on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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