The Jack Linger Project ft TONYT – On It All Night (2021)

With the current world climate, it can be easy to sink into a rut. If you feel a little stuck, The Jack Linger Project and TONYT are here to help with the single ‘On It All Night’. With a melody that gets you pumped and TONYT’s vocals adding an uplifting bop, the single has you feeling better while infusing you with the motivation to keep moving forward.

The single follows on from Linger’s album Covenant which enticed a range of listeners through focused instrumentals and vocals. Drawing on influences such as Shinedown and Avenged Sevenfold, the pair fill you with their energy from the first second to the very last. Recorded remotely, the track was mixed and mastered in Linger’s home studio with the fine production he has become known for.

‘On It All Night’ opens with an intense melodic line before some blistering guitars thrash around in your chest. The melody pumps through your veins while getting you hyped up. The energy of the music is infectious and makes you feel like you can take on the world. The pulses of the guitars are engaging as they lead you to a more melodic flow on the chorus. There is a non-stop feeling to the music as it pulses through your soul and makes you want to shake with the energy it burns through you.

The energy of the music is a perfect propelling point for TONYT’s vocals. His performance continues the energy that blasts through you while lifting you to a completely different level. There is a great movement from melodic flows to blistering raps and anthemic choruses. To really get the full effect of the single, you need to turn up the volume and just let go. This is easily done because the vocals pull at your senses and free something deep inside your chest.

The Jack Linger Project and TONYT burn through your senses with blistering energy that leaves you ready to take on the world in ‘On It All Night’. The energy in the song pulses through you with the guitars while the vocals pull your spirits higher and higher. By the end of the single, you feel high on energy and shaking with the motivation they have pumped into you.

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