Track of the Day: Boxteles – Let Him Go

It takes some guessing to figure out what pop-punk should sound like, but then when you get it, you get it. If it is done right, it is stuff that is hard to resist. Usually, it comes in two forms – some rushed cords that verge on sloppiness, but usually, it is that rush that makes such a song work. On the other hand, it has more accent on the melody. While the song is perky enough and guitars loud enough to give it credence to that punk part of the term. Now, both can work quite well, it just might be a matter of preference which type of pop-punk you prefer.

Yorkshire’s Boxteles seem to prefer the latter as their latest single ‘Let Him Go’ shows. Sure, you can always bring in the reference of bands like Green Day, Blink 182 and The Offspring, but Boxteles give it an extra touch of melody and clean guitar sound to give it that more pop-leaning. Add to that the fact that the guys add some thoughtful lyrics about, as they put it, “…the so often unspoken subject matter of abuse in a relationship from two perspectives, the abuser themselves and a close friend of the victim desperately trying to convince them how wrong the situation is.”

Even more so, Boxteles stick to one of the key rules of good pop-punk and that is they don’t overstay their welcome keeping the song within the three and a half minute mark. Enough to say what they have to say and in the right manner, both musically and lyrically.

For more from Boxteles check them out on their Facebook and Spotify.

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