Molosser – Unsolid (Barebones Sessions) (2022)

Molosser have been captivating us with their organic folky tones since we first heard the original version of ‘Unsolid’. Now, as part of their Barebones Sessions, they are bringing a stripped-back majesty to four of the tracks off their debut album. This is wonderfully showcased in ‘Unsolid (Barebones Session)’ which was recorded in a single live take without any overdubs.

With just their vocals and acoustic guitars, the duo avoids a nostalgic trip down memory lane and instead draws you into acoustic tones that you have never heard before. Turning their polished tracks into a rough-hewn extravaganza of pure musicality, they showcase the true depths of their musical abilities. Bringing a greater flair of jazz and blues to the soundscape, they will have you eager to hear the rest of the Barebones Sessions.

The gentle strumming of the acoustic guitars that open ‘Unsolid (Barebones Sessions)’ is rather soothing. This is a different feeling to the almost ominous vibes that came from the original version of the track. The folky twangs of the guitars have you swaying lightly to their sound, while the fingerpicked notes bring a touch of blues. It is a wonderful showcase of what an acoustic guitar is able to bring. The two guitars slide and dance together for a rather hypnotic movement. At times, there is a darkness that comes through the low tones of the melody. The instrumental bridge of bluesy and earthy makes the entire single more dynamic.

As the acoustic melody brings a new feeling to the track, the vocals have a decidedly jazzy vibe to them. They seem to bounce off the guitar notes and bring their own melodic flow to the soundscape. The stripped-back feeling of the track has the lyrics standing out starkly and pushes their message home. The power of Tess’ vocals can really be felt in this track as she hypnotises you with her performance. There is an intriguing interplay between the vocals and the acoustic guitars that is very different to the usual relationship in their music. This brings a whole new meaning and emphasis to the lyrics and vocals.

Molosser brings a touch of blues and jazz to their music and a new emphasis in the lyrics with the stripped-back tones of ‘Unsolid (Barebones Sessions)’. While the band usually makes use of two guitars for their melodies, the bare feeling to this single is in a class of its own. The bluesy strum and intricate tones of the guitars allow the vocals to hit in a very different way from the original.

Find out more about Molosser on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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