Olivia Burke – Anybody Else (2021)

With her single ‘Anybody Else’, Olivia Burke is calling out to anyone who is struggling and feeling conflicting emotions. This alternative pop track borders anthemic as it works through a love of a past self and the desire to feel the happiness of the past again. While drawing on traditional pop sensibilities, there is a heart of DIY in the core of the track.

This core brings a unique personality to the single that makes it easy to connect with for anyone who is feeling a little off in their lives. Completely self-produced, the single was mastered by Simon Gibson at Abbey Road Studios. It is also a wonderful taster for the self-produced EP Burke has in the works.

‘Anybody Else’ brings a soulful feeling to your ears through the opening. There is a perfect blending of RnB, soul and pop in the melody. The lightness of the high notes complements the shuffling beats on the low levels. Each note adds to the richness of the track that bubbles and swirls around your head. There is a rather decadent feeling to the song that is tempered by the lightness of good vibes. The arrangement makes you think of relaxing on a warm evening while the sun sets over a beautiful landscape.

Burke’s vocals continue the fusion of tones that the melody starts. Her voice is a crystal clear glint across the soulful river of sound in the melody. While the lyrics highlight some conflicting emotions, the smoothness of her delivery eases you into them. There is a freshness to her performance that you can’t help but want to fall into. This wraps around your heart and gently tugs as you feel the desire for a happiness that seems to have passed.

Olivia Burke fuses influences and turns them into the soulful stylings of ‘Anybody Else’. The single brings the richness of soul and RnB to the lightness of traditional pop. All of this combines to form a gentle river of sound that tugs at your heart and fills you with a yearning for happiness.

Find out more about Olivia Burke on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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