Natalie Bouloudis – Coal (2020)

Natalie Bouloudis is unleashing diamond and coal metaphors for her musings on the unravelling of a relationship. Her latest single ‘Coal’ uses a shimmering lyricism and a stormy soundscape to delve into hard lessons. Her bluesy tones take you on an emotional journey through vulnerability and vengeance wrapped in brooding rhythms and a biting violin.

Her third single from the upcoming EP Devil is Doubt, the single has you wanting more of the beauty she pulls from the darkness. Bouloudis has been honing her abilities since she started writing music at the age of 7 and performed across London under the moniker Aurora Harbinger. With her band, she has toured the UK and America quickly gaining a loyal fanbase. With this single, you can easily see why.

‘Coal’ hits you with her smoky vocals from the start. Her vocals have a sultry flow to them as they slide against the melody and wrap around you. You are covered in the twilight shades of her performance as she pulls you into the metaphor-heavy lyrics. Using the idea of diamonds and dust, she looks at the breakdown of a relationship. There is something about her performance that slides against you like an old Bond-style theme song. Her performance takes on a slightly lighter tone close to the end of the track, but retains its smoky darkness.

While Bouloudis’ vocals twirl smoky tendrils around you, the melody builds up below her. The rhythm of the melody has you swaying to her powerful voice. The violin is amazing as it filters through the other instruments for a wailing and biting edge to the soundscape. There is an enigmatic feeling to the melody as it builds like a storm rolling across a valley.

Natalie Bouloudis hits you with a dose of smoky power in her metaphor-driven single ‘Coal’. Her vocals slide across your senses with a featherlight power while the melody builds in the lower levels. There is something captivating about this track that keeps you listening and will stick with you long after it has ended.

Find out more about Natalie Bouloudis on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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