Lucy Wroe – Thoughts On A Dream (2020)

Lucy Wroe is a self-taught singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. She has been writing songs since she was 10 and previously played gigs with notable session musicians. Her debut EP Thoughts on a Dream has just been released.

The EP revolves around the mystery and beauty that comes with dreaming. The songs also look at the preference to live within dreams instead of reality. Throughout the EP, these themes are explored using a range of styles from jazz to indie-pop and beyond.

The first track is ‘Of The Night’ which focuses on the EPs key theme of preferring to dream than to be awake. The melody sets the tone of this focus with whimsical and ethereal notes that have a dreamy haze to them. Wroe’s vocals are powerful while keeping a dreamy vibe to them. They provide the perfect vehicle for the message of the lyrics.

‘It Could Be’ has a jazzier feeling to it with the piano-driven melody. The vocals on this track are almost sultry with these great movements in pitch. This is a very easy song to listen to and makes you flow with it. The vocals and lyrics have a wistful tone to them that enhances the overall feeling of this track.

‘Ode to an Empress’ is a tribute to one of Wroe’s idols, Joni Mitchell. The track is reminiscent of Mitchell’s music in both style and sentiment. While this is a tribute, there is something uniquely Wroe about the song. Her vocals are smooth and you can hear the honesty in her performance. There is a delicate touch to this track that is wonderful to listen to.

‘Qumari’ takes a folk turn with an acoustic guitar and Wroe’s vocals alone. This is a very short track at just over a minute but is so enjoyable. The melody captivates you with lyrics that you can easily connect with. There is an almost poetic nature to this song that drifts along your skin.

The last track is ‘The Cycle’ which has a wonderful guitar opening that draws you in without even trying. Wroe’s vocals have an almost country twinge to them on this song which matches the melody so well. Throughout the background is a cello that floats in and out which is played by Wroe. This song has a link back to the first to wonderfully wrap up the EP.

Lucy Wroe explores the dream world and how we connect with it using different styles on Thoughts of a Dream. Each song captivates you in a different way through the use of different melodic devices. The lyrics seep deep into your subconscious connecting you to Wroe in an unforgettable way.

Find out more about Lucy Wroe on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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