Oracle Sisters – Captain America (2021)

Described as creating “music to make love to”, jazz meets rock trio Oracle Sisters are definitely ones to keep an on. Originally the collaboration of long-time friends Lewis Lazar and Christopher Willatt, Oracle Sisters was founded in 2017 when they reunited in Paris after beginning lives in different countries. Add Finnish Julia Johansen and you have a unique, obscure and intriguing trio with a boundary-breaking sound. While this is my first experience of Oracle Sisters, the group has received coverage on an international level from Obscure Sound and Under The Radar Mag to Haste Magazine and So Young Magazine. One of the most recent additions to the Oracle Sisters’ critically acclaimed discography is ‘Captain America’.

Following their EP Midnight Afternoon (Live at Le Ferme with the Elmire Quartet), Oracle Sisters adopt a smooth, flowing, almost jazz meets folk-rock ballad with their track ‘Captain America’. Showcasing the beauty of simplistic arrangements, ‘Captain America’ uses delicate acoustic instrumentation to convey nostalgic, reflective and moving emotions. The thing is, while there are minimalistic sensibilities in the track it has a kaleidoscopic nature expertly layering piano, guitars and drums. I must admit the piano sounds throughout the single are a great draw for me with its tenderness; however, while there is a fragility to the melody, there is a strength in the melody’s tone making it a rather interesting single.

Yes, the melody is certainly something sensational and outstanding in its own right, but Oracle Sisters show their depth with their poetic lyricism. Telling tales of heartbreak, home and human connection, ‘Captain America’ has a conceptual reflectiveness in its hushed nostalgia. The intricate vocals align with this meaningful message landing lightly on the glinting sonic river. Overall, I just love the track and cannot wait for more from Oracle Sisters.

For more from Oracle Sisters check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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