Jerry Jean – September Sky (2022)

With his single ‘Marathon’, Jerry Jean has us vibrating with the need to move while celebrating resilience. His latest single ‘September Sky’ takes a different approach as he wraps soulful flows around us. With earnest lyrics and the lingering touch of nostalgia, he considers the passage of time. Classic soul sounds meet contemporary movements for this rich single.

While taking a different path to his previous energetic sound, his dynamic production brings a wonderful beauty to his sound. Featuring Ojiik (saxophone), Justin Goldner (bass guitar) and John O’Reilly Jr (drums), the single uses lush strings and emotive flows to get you hooked to the sound. As he tackles the swift passage of time, Jean leaves you with a lot to think about, and filled with deep soulful emotions.

The soulful flows of ‘September Sky’ start with the smooth notes of the piano. There is a slick tone to the piano that slides through your senses and leads you to the decadent tones of the saxophone. The drums come in with a slightly jazzy soul feeling that shuffles and sways through your senses. The instrumentation comes together for a really wonderful movement that is the epitome of contemporary soul. There is a feeling to the music like the sun shining on rain-soaked city roads, bringing the first touches of the earnest emotions of the vocals. As the single progresses, the music becomes richer and deeper with a slight trill to the tones that matches the vocals perfectly.

While the music is pure contemporary soul, Jean’s vocals have a slight RnB touch to them. From the first word, he fills the soundscape with a touch of melancholy and yearning to stay with someone he loves. The chorus takes the pain of separation to a new level as he wishes for the night to last forever so the person he loves can’t leave. The swift passage of time that forms the central theme of the single focuses on the last night together. The lyrics are filled with the feeling that time passes too quickly in this moment, before bringing the touches of nostalgia later in the track. His vocals are wonderfully soulful as he pours all the emotions of the moment into his performance.

Jerry Jean uses deep soulful flows to consider the swift passage of time, while pouring pain and yearning into each word of ‘September Sky’. The music is pure contemporary soul with each instrument adding to the richness of the soundscape. Jean’s vocals carry a touch of RnB to them as they stir your emotions and have you feeling the same yearning he does.

Find out more about Jerry Jean on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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