Ozz Gold – Care For (2022)

While there are a lot of love songs out there, Ozz Gold is focusing on familial love for this single ‘Care For’. Inspired by the thoughts of the love his mother has for him and the love he has for his family, the single brings an experimental edge to electronic pop tones. Packed with affection, beyond the emotions of the track, is a melody that will have you dancing to the rhythm before you realise you have started moving.

A DJ and producer, Ozz Gold transitioned from military service to a musical career, after graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Inspired by tropical and progressive house artists, he looks to uplift everyone who listens to his music, while spreading happiness. While his musical career had an unconventional start, he is making a serious dent in the music scene with his moving music.

The opening of ‘Care For’ has a soft feeling as it rises, before dropping and warbling out into the ether. The up and down of the opening brings a wash of electronic tones to a piano line. As the melody leads you through the first verse, the first touches of dance vibes fill the soundscape, starting to move your muscles. The house and EDM feeling of the single hits harder as the chorus comes through. There are bright lights that burst through the higher levels of the track, while the beats pulse through your bones. Gold has packed a serious dance punch into the melody, that only increases the longer you listen. The pace of the melody does drop for the verses, allowing the piano line to come back, but there is an unstoppable movement back to the dance vibes.

Calling from the distance over the opening line are the vocals that have a light echo to them. The main vocal line is smooth and bright, bringing another hit of dance vibes. There is an almost euphoric vibe to the vocal performance as it heads to the pure vocal dance pulses of the chorus. While the single is based on familial love, there is an edge of romantic love woven into the lyrics. It is a really addictive pulse that the vocals bring on the chorus, only to drop for a more sparkling movement for the verses.

Ozz Gold has you moving to the pulsing lights of ‘Care For’ while filling you with the euphoria of love, whether familial or romantic. The ups and downs of the melody draws your attention to the piano line and pure electronic tones that get you moving. The vocals bring a euphoric edge to the single, while adding to the pulse of lights started by the melody.

Find out more about Ozz Gold on his Instagram and Spotify.

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