Pankhurst – No One Wanna Read Tolstoj (2021)

While there are a lot of anti-war songs out there, Pankhurst is adding something more to their take with ‘No One Wanna Read Tolstoj’. While the single takes a stand against war, it also targets the mentality that leads to violence including wilful ignorance and faith in government structures that have stood unchanged. Using an explosion of punk rock aggression, the band lets loose through a revolutionary approach while inviting every listener to join the movement or just have a great time to the track.

Operating from the shadows, the band lets their music speak for itself as it unleashes their uncompromising anti-establishment sound. The spirit of Emmeline Pankhurst and all she stood for is woven into their music as they blare their sound in opposition to that which would oppress. The firm conviction of their beliefs can be felt in each word and note of their music filling you with the revolutionary energy they embody.

‘No One Wanna Read Tolstoj’ hits the ground running with a real punk rock blast. The melody runs through your senses and has you vibrating with energy. As the instruments thrum through your senses, you feel the urge to jump around or run. This energy comes through the layers of the melody which have been wonderfully woven together. The drums have you bouncing to them while the horns build up a punch that is quite different to other music you might hear. The guitars jangle and push against your back to keep you moving forward.

As you bounce off the walls to the melody, the vocals reach into your chest and shake. There is an infectious feeling to the performance that fills you with the energy of resistance and wanting to push back against the establishment. The upbeat melody bolsters the call of the vocals that bring the anti-establishment ethos of the band to sonic glory. Even if you don’t feel the same as they do about things, there is no way to deny that this track is ridiculously engaging and quite addictive. You are going to find yourself shouting out with them while jumping up and down.

Pankhurst fills you with vibrating energy as they push against the establishment using upbeat melodics and catchy vocals in ‘No One Wanna Read Tolstoj’. The melody is full-on from the first moment vibrating through your muscles and getting you bouncing off the walls. The vocals have just enough punch in them while being catchy and bringing the ethos of the band to life.

Find out more about Pankhurst on their Instagram and Spotify.

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