Teddy Clarke – The World in Which They Play (2021)

With his debut single ‘The World in Which They Play’, Teddy Clarke offers unapologetic commentary about the irreversible damage being wrought by climate change and the importance of taking action. Using a blend of indie and alternative pop, he encourages us to take action and push the change that is needed before it is too late. As an introduction to his sound, it is both powerful and engaging as it addresses one of the biggest problems we all face.

Written and recorded over Zoom sessions during lockdown, Clarke’s passion for songwriting was fuelled by watching documentaries about the devastating effects of climate change. Mixing big orchestral tones with eclectic guitars and imaginative piano lines, this hard-hitting single is one that you won’t be forgetting any time soon. It is also a wonderful insight into the contrasts and fusions that have us eager to hear more from Clarke.

‘The World in Which They Play’ twinkles into life with a really light-hearted feeling. The piano line has you swaying to its rhythm while it flows like a gentle stream of water through your fingers. When the drums enter there is a rise to the sound that brings an alternative edge to the track. The orchestral tones are subtle along the verses only to rise for the chorus to add to a rich sound. The classical and modern edges of the melody come together perfectly and subtly intertwine for a beautiful movement.

Against this rich backdrop, Clarke’s vocals pull you into the somewhat sad story through the first verse. His vocals tug at your heartstrings as he lays out what future generations could experience. His vocals rise on the chorus for an impassioned detailing of the world future generations face and how we are complicit in its creation. The track is packed with powerful lyrics that really grab your attention and make you want to push for action. Through all of this, Clarke has you lost in his sound which is authentic, honest and passionate.

With his debut single ‘The World in Which They Play’, Teddy Clarke unleashes an unapologetic and impassioned commentary that tugs at your heartstrings. The melody is a wonderful fusion of orchestral tones and modern sensibilities. His vocals are powerful and emotive as they unleash his commentary on the climate emergency.

Find out more about Teddy Clarke on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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