Paper Tigers – Graceless (2021)

Overthinking is something that can tarnish even the best and safest parts of our inner selves. This is something that Paper Tigers considers in their single ‘Graceless’. Through the track, they look at internal struggles with self-doubt which leads to self-sabotage and the eradication of the places we could go to in order to find some peace.

Using their anthemic alternative rock sound, they draw you into the vicious cycle of overthinking, tearing yourself apart and trying to find peace only to be confronted by the emotions you are trying to avoid. Not only does this track delve into overthinking and the band’s sound, but it also offers a raster for their debut EP set to drop in early 2022. Combining deep lyrics themes with moving rock fusions, they get you lost in their sound and really thinking about what they have to say.

‘Graceless’ throws you into the rock vibes from the first crash of drums. The punchy tones of the melody have you tumbling down the soundscape while moving to the flow of the vocals. There is a great crash of rock sensibilities with a touch of hard rock woven into an overwhelmingly alternative rock tone. The interplay between the guitars and drums is interesting as they seem to do their own thing while coming together beautifully. The guitar riff that comes through later in the track runs across your senses adding further texture to the track.

Against the backdrop of a melody that has two distinct yet intertwined lines, the vocals pull you into their movement. The flow of the vocals have you swaying to their rhythm while diving into the contemplation of the lyrics. They have a sadness woven into them that perfectly captures the emotion of overthinking and the endless spiral this can draw you into. The performance is really powerful as it brings a relatable feeling to the track while spiralling into the cyclical thoughts and emotions that come from overthinking.

Paper Tigers draw you into the spiral of overthinking with a layered melody and powerful vocals through ‘Graceless’. The melody rolls you into the single where layered melodic elements do their own thing while coming together beautifully. The vocals have you swaying to their movement and getting lost in their emotive power.

Find out more about Paper Tigers on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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