Low Girl – So Cool (2022)

The apathy that is rife in society was attacked by Low Girl with their single ‘Big Now’. Now, with the title track from their upcoming EP ‘So Cool’ they turn a little closer to home and consider the experience of wanting someone who is seemingly unattainable. Drawing on feelings of loneliness, self-worth and the struggles of finding your identity, the track is easy to relate to and touches on an experience many people have faced.

The emotions woven into the track will be felt throughout the upcoming EP and further the emotive sound they already introduced us to. Recorded between lockdowns, the alternative pop track is catchy and has Low Girl moving from strength to strength. Since their last single, they have sold out their first London tour, and form part of a support tour with Pom Poko.

‘So Cool’ twangs into life with electronic tones that tap and run into the head-bopping melody. The electronic tones from the opening come and go throughout the track, adding this otherworldly touch to the top layers of the music. The swirling of tones in the melody mirrors the twist of emotions and thoughts that we all face. The spring day feeling of the melody brings a blossoming of emotion to the soundscape, while tempering this with a barrier woven into the music, that lets you know what you want may be unattainable. Later in the track, the bridge has you wanting to move like crazy as the electronic tones crash into each other.

While the melody drops the seeds of emotion into the track, it is the vocals that bring them to life. The vocals have a hazy edge to them that floats above the melody like a warm haze. The lightness of the vocals is an interesting contrast to the dark feelings that come through the lyrics at times. The happiness of being around someone you like is darkened by the feeling that you are not good enough and always want things that you can’t actually have. It is a heady emotive movement that brings the struggles many face to the fore in the most engaging sonic manner.

Low Girl darken the warmth of being around someone you like, with the feeling that you are not good enough in the hazy tones of ‘So Cool’. The melody has your head bopping, before you float into a bridge that makes you want to move around like crazy. The vocals are airy as they bring a conflicting sense of happiness and low self-worth to the soundscape.

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