Lettie & David Baron – Shoot the Breeze (2021)

There are moments and conversations that seem insignificant at the time only to take on greater meaning later on. These moments and the feelings they invoke have been captured by Lettie and David Baron in the dreamy single ‘Shoot the Breeze’. While on the surface the track considers idle chat and how we remember conversations long after they have taken place, there is something deeper resting in the song.

This layered track offers a carefree feeling as you ride the instrumentals of Baron while being covered by Lettie’s vocals. The single also features Richard Moore who often performs with Lettie. Together, they hit you on two fronts with the message and emotions of their music.

‘Shoot the Breeze’ eases into your ears with soothing instrumentation. There is a delicate layering of the melody that covers you in a dreamy mist like the sun warming you as you wake. Through this atmospheric sound, the violin line softly warbles with a touch of melancholy and nostalgia. The music makes you think of days spent reminiscing about the little things. The piano line that comes through later in the track continues the delicacy while adding a soft brightness to the music. Each instrument and melodic element enters with careful intent while bringing the whole together in a wonderful way.

Lettie’s vocals are as soothing as the melody while bringing a greater hit of nostalgia. It is through her performance that you get the layered meaning of the track. While the lyrics considers idle chats and reminiscing about these conversations, the chorus brings something more. Her emotive performance also adds another layer to the track. Through the threads of her voice, you can hear a yearning and a sense of picking apart interactions looking for something that might not be there. When taking all of this together, you are faced with a feeling of unrequited love and the yearning to find some hope in any interaction no matter how small.

Lettie and David Baron cover you soft instrumentals while filling you with layered emotions in the atmospheric tones of ‘Shoot the Breeze’. Each melodic element has been carefully crafted to enhance the overall feeling of the music while Lettie’s vocals soothe over your brain. Through her performance, you are filled with a sense of reminiscing and looking for hope in the smallest interactions.

Find out more about Lettie on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

Find out more about David Baron on his Instagram and Spotify.

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