Luke Clerkin – Confession Box (2020)

It’s said that the Irish have tender hearts with delicate souls, even if they can manage a few more pints than the average bloke. If this is the case, then Luke Clerkin is definitely and undoubtedly Irish. Born in Dublin, Clerkin has been performing and releasing music for several years gaining international recognition. He has headlined well-known Dublin venues, such as The Button Factory, and been on tour across the globe. Considering his growing name, I find myself wondering why this is the first time I have heard of Luke Clerkin.

The first single off his upcoming EP What Little Time We Have, Clerkin indicates why he is known for a heart-on-sleeve sound. The honest and raw lyrics compounded with a soothing folks-y melody contributes to the vulnerability of ‘Confession Box’. While I am certain Clerkin can rock the house with a rousing tune, ‘Confession Box’ brings everything down a notch and is a haunting ballad.

There are various elements to ‘Confession Box’ making it unique in sound and feeling, but I think it is the narrative at the end that tugs on my heartstrings. I’ll admit to being a softy when it comes to most things, but no person can hear Clerkin bear his soul and not go slightly gooey inside. If this track is anything to go by, I can’t wait to hear the full EP.

Find out more about Luke Clerkin on his Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and Spotify.

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