Pariz ft Everra – Taxi (2021)

There are a lot of people who mistake risqué thrills for romance. Pariz with Everra tell the story of these people through the mellow and retro tones of ‘Taxi’. With dreamy vocals, we delve into the journey of these thrill seekers running around the city and their realisation that what starts as lust can form into love with time.

While delving into these stories, Pariz and Everra create a rainy afternoon atmosphere where you can chill as you listen to the music. An up-and-coming talent in the musical world, Pariz pushes the boundaries of style often blending different elements for a unique listening experience. This works so well with Everra’s pop and lo-fi vocals which bring her open-minded approach to music.

‘Taxi’ swells to life with a lazy easiness that has you breathing deeply with it. The hazy swelling notes form a warm blanket that drapes over your senses while the beats have a touch of hip-hop mixed with lo-fi vibes. The movement of the music makes you think of summer afternoons when it rains and the city gets a burst of humidity. This turns into a more late night feeling when the swirls of twinkling tones take over. When this happens, you are drawn into the flickering lights of the city at night that whip past as you drive. There is a rather dreamy feeling to the melody as it washes over you with the hazy warmth of the instrumentation.

The movements of the melody enhance Everra’s vocals. Her voice has a delightful touch of lo-fi that makes it seem just out of reach. While just beyond your grasp, her vocals are mesmerising in their chilled movement. Woven into her performance is a search for the thrills of risqué encounters which touches on a thread of loneliness. There is a feeling of something more to the performance as the lyrics bring a gentle understanding that something more can come in time.

Pariz and Everra have you feeling the warmth and humidity of a rainy summer afternoon while delving into loneliness and a search for more with ‘Taxi’. The haziness of the single brings the chilled vibes of rainy days to your ears while the vocals delve into a different story. Through the lyrics and vocals, they touch on loneliness, searching for connections and the realisation that these thrills can lead to something more.

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