Parker Sounds – Discoface (2020)

Sometimes you just need to rock out and let loose turning the volume up while having some fun. This is what Parker Sounds wants to help you with using their new single ‘Discoface’. The track is all about having fun to the upbeat rock vibes. If you need to get into a good and upbeat mood, this is definitely the song you should be listening to.

Through a combination of upbeat sounds and honest lyrics, Alick Kilsby (vocals, guitar), Josh Beattie (keys), Jakes Hobbs (guitar, backing vocals), Time Menzies (bass) and Guy Cornwell (drums) get you moving to their beat. The band got together earlier this year and have been pounding out the good stuff with their two previous releases. Now, they are ready to take you to a new level and get you pumped up.

‘Discoface’ has an interesting opening that is like a wavering folk beat before you are hit with a much groovier melody. The wavering and bubbling notes move to the side for the drum that pounds into your chest and gets you moving. There is a lot going on in the melody with so many layers melding to create the bluesy groovy tapestry that is the foundation of the song. To fully appreciate everything going on, you should turn up the volume. The combination of guitars, keys and drums is infectious and you are going to be moving to it whether dancing around the room or grooving out in your seat at your computer.

As you are getting down to the melody, Kilsby’s vocals make you smile and add to the vibe of the track. His performance has this lively energy that pumps you up and has you singing along. While pumping you up, his vocals also have a smoothness that bolsters you in a gentler way than the melody.

Parker Sounds helps you let loose and rock out to the sound of ‘Discoface’. The melody gets you pumped up with layers of sound while the vocals get you singing along and grooving to the beat.

Find out more about Parker Sounds on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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