Wisecrack – Free To Roam (2020)

Moving from city to city can be daunting, but it can also be the most freeing experience. This movement is the inspiration for ‘Free to Roam’ by Wisecrack. Hitting you with a tempo change, the band consider finding a home after moving around and the freedom this provides. Inspired by the experience of lead singer and guitarist Matt Wise, the single looks at how you can feel free when finding a home and being isolated during lockdown.

While Wise, Pete Balderston (bass), Luciano Takahashi (guitar) and Pete Wright (drums) take a slower approach than usual to the subject, the change in pace is not new for the band. The folky turn of this single is used to better reflect the emotions in the lyrics. Whether you are a fan of their more aggressive tone or not, this is a song that you can easily listen too and connect with.

The folk vibes of ‘Free to Roam’ hit you from the first guitar note in the opening. The build-up to the vocals is this wonderfully intricate guitar line that you get swept away on. There is something soothing and soft about the melody that you can easily relax into. The flow of the melody has this slight soaring quality to it that makes you think about freedom and that sigh of relief you let out when you get home.

Sitting as a foggy layer about the melody is the vocals. The harmonisations add this floating feeling to the song making you think about leaning back and relaxing as you listen. The vocal performance has this honesty and openness to them that makes it easy to connect with. The lyrics have a poetry to them which lifts the spirit and makes it easy to fall into the featherbed of emotions they create. They also perfectly capture the feeling of freedom you get when you are at home.

Wisecrack capture the soft yet soaring freedom you feel when you are finally home in ‘Free to Roam’. This folky single is a change of pace for the band but is done so perfectly that it captures everything about the experience in the lyrics. You are able to relax into the gentle melody while the vocals fill you with that freedom you can only get when you are finally home.

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