Parker Sounds – Prison Cell (2020)

Parker Sounds is a pop-rock band from the Gold Coast, Australia. The band consists of Alick Kilsby (vocals, guitar), Jake Hobbs (guitar, vocals), Josh Beattie (keyboard), Toby Young (bass) and Guy Cornwell (drums). The band offers an exciting combination of simple but catchy acoustic songs that have a happy-go-lucky feel.

Their newest single ‘Prison Cell’ explores the mental prison we all spend some time in at one point or another. It takes a look at that place we go to where we question our choices and how this impacts who we are.

Keeping true to the simple sound of the band ‘Prison Cell’ has a stripped back opening. While simple, the notes catch your attention and keep you hooked until Kilsby enters with his smooth vocals. There are a couple of changes in the melody which add to the smooth and catchy vibes of the track.

You do not need to know the background of the track before you listen to appreciate the message. It is laid out clearly in the moving lyrics. The acoustic tone of the track combines with the powerful vocal performance to capture your attention and make you listen.

Parker Sounds explore a deep topic in ‘Prison Cell’ through a catchy but simple song. The track keeps the fundamentals simple while hitting you with heavy lyrics delivered through a powerful performance.

Find out more about Parker Sounds on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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