Charlie’s Hand Movements – Porcupine (2020)

Charlie’s Hand Movements was formed when multi-instrumentalists Lance Keeble and Adam Gardner met during a Fine Arts degree. Together, they have released two albums on Bandcamp and a number of EPs. In 2015, the lead track from their last record was chosen by Huw Stephens as the tip of the week on his Radio 1 show.

Now, the duo is back with their third LP Nuclear Tapes which hit on 22 May 2020. The opening track ‘Porcupine’ was quickly developed from a crude phone recording of a ukulele riff. It has now become a full-blown track and the perfect opening for their maximalist blowout LP.

‘Porcupine’ starts with a slightly disjointed opening that quickly consolidates into a head-moving melody. The vocals have a dreamy feeling to them that leads into an equally dreamy chorus. Behind the vocals is an interesting arrangement of different instruments that swing between solid and disjointed.

While the arrangement of the track can be distracting at times, the lyrics are very interesting. The dreamy vocal delivery adds to them while complimenting the instruments. Together they create an audio explosion that is strangely enjoyable.

‘Porcupine’ is a blowout track from Charlie’s Hand Movements full of instruments, dreamy lyrics and interesting arrangements. It hits you from the first sound and keeps you guessing while being extremely pleasant to listen to.

Find out more about Charlie’s Hand Movements on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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