Partisan Pete – Faces + Aces (2019)

There are times when you just need the duality that comes with feel-good sad energy. This is the energy infused into ‘Faces + Aces’ by Partisan Pete as he works through introspective verses. The vivid lyricism is paired with an eclectic soundscape for music that both lifts you up and grounds you.

The hazy melodics of the single offer a smooth RnB vibe with conscious hip-hop rap. The diary-like single is a perfect introduction to his music as it hooks you with flowing tones. If you are looking for music that you can get lost in while feeling good with a touch of sadness, this is definitely the song you need to listen to.

‘Faces + Aces’ draws you in with a layered and hazy opening. The layers of vocals create a hazy atmosphere with a slight edge of melancholy. The primary vocals have a great flow as they fill you with sombre vibes. There is a wonderful rhythm to the rap as it melodically winds its way through your senses. The lyrics are introspective as they work through feelings of insecurity. The poetic lyricism works so well with the movement of the music that the emotions of the vocals sink into your skin.

While the primary vocal line draws you into the poetry of the lyrics, the two additional vocal layers enhance the melody. The higher layer works as a background melody that brings some of the good vibes of the track. The deep beats of the music complement the deeper vocals. Overall, the melody is relatively minimal and simplistic, but this allows the vocals to really shine.

Partisan Pete has you resting on sombre vibes with some light feel-good energy as he considers insecurities in ‘Faces + Aces’. The melodic RnB flow of the vocals is split over three layers that come together for a harmonious movement. The higher vocal line offers the good vibes while the deep beats of the melody keep you moving forward.

Find out more about Partisan Pete on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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