Paul Babe – Poley Bonaparte (Your Feeling) (2021)

Falling hard and fast for someone is not always a good thing as you can easily be overtaken by your feelings. This is what ‘Poley Bonaparte (Your Feeling)’ by Paul Babe is all about. As your mind is usurped by the overwhelming emotions you feel for someone, Babe likens this to being conquered like a country ravaged by Napoleon.

The single continues the cosmic RnB and alt-pop vibes that Babe has already unleashed on the world. With a touch of ethereal tones and a unique production style, Babe takes over your brain through his music much like the emotions that form the foundation of this single. The single is also a wonderful precursor to his full-length album which it is a part of. 

‘Poley Bonaparte (Your Feeling)’ uses a wonderfully avant-garde tone to pull you into the soundscape. There is a gentle pop that gives to a warble that is delightfully unique and really interesting. There is an experimental edge to the melody as sounds and tones converge in the most interesting ways yet come together for a captivating melodic flow. The layers of sound rest on beats that are almost a heartbeat. As the song progresses, the music makes you think of emotions overtaking everything in your life and you can’t think straight. It is a wonderful sonic device used to bring the reality of overwhelming emotions taking over your daily thoughts.

While the melody can be a little overwhelming at times, Babe’s vocals are the soothing oasis you need to withstand the onslaught. The alt-RnB flow of his voice is like a cool drink of water on a hot day as it soothes the edges created by the melody. As your ride his vocals to withstand the emotions of the track, the lyrics bring the sensation of falling too quickly and deeply to life. In the latter part of the single, he brings the comparison that led to the title before everything falls into place and the overwhelming sensations sort themselves into a smooth flow.

Paul Babe uses an extremely interesting mix of sounds and soothing vocals to bring overwhelming emotions to life in ‘Poley Bonaparte (Your Feeling)’. The melody hits you with the overpowering feeling of falling too deep and not being able to think straight. The vocals are a soothing oasis in the centre that lets you get your bearings before moving to a place where everything settles.

Find out more about Paul Babe on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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