The Buzz Kills – 21st Century Mayhem (2021)

The Buzz Kills have an anthemic hit for everyone feeling frustrated at the world. ‘21st Century Mayhem’ lets out frustration at the government, anger at the media and passion for change. Through the chanting sounds of the chorus, the band unites people in their drive for freedom from modern society and all the chains holding us down.

This protest against the status quo comes from Nathalie Gower and Sam Haberle. Led into the charge by Gower’s vocals, Haberle’s energetic bass playing has you vibrating with the need to do something about the world. A musical match made in heaven, the passion of the duo shines through their music and has you wanting to live life to the max.

‘21st Century Mayhem’ sweeps through you and fills you with the power of the track from the first moment. There is something in the melody that expands in your chest and pulls you under the spell of the band. The chorus is a crash of sound that makes you want to shout with the band. You can easily see a crowd of people singing along and getting lost in the music. The anthemic vibes of the music are woven into every note.

While the melody fills you with the passion of the track, it is Gower’s vocals that really have you want to push against the boundaries of society. She offers a call to arms through the verses that connects all of us and touches on the emotions we have all felt. The chorus is really something else as you yell out your frustration with them. There is a solid stadium feeling to the movement of the vocals that sends you soaring. The band has packed a lot into the lyrics while offering an outlet for all the negative emotions that fill you. In the latter part of the track, there is a marching stomp that hits out and screams through your soul.

The Buzz Kills fill you with energy and passion as they strike out at the chains that hold us all down in ‘21st Century Mayhem’. As the music sweeps through you, the vocals connect you to every other listener before filling you with the urge to push back. You are going to find yourself chanting to the chorus and screaming with the band close to the end of the track while feeling the cathartic release of all your frustration.

Find out more about The Buzz Kills on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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