Páula, Povoa and Jerge – Primavera (2020)

Drawing on their global roots, Páula, Povoa and Jerge are hitting you with some 80s tinged electronica and vulnerable lyrics in ‘Primavera’. The title track off their upcoming EP, the song is a dance floor ready song that will get you into some nu-disco vibes. Melding electronic tones with live piano, they take you through a fusion of global sounds for a unique listening experience.

The collaborative efforts of this EP comes from three eclectic talents. This is the first time the three have united for a single project bringing together Páula’s vulnerable Portuguese vocals with Povoa’s production and Jerge’s live energy. The single and EP were recorded in rural Normandy just as lockdown started in France.

‘Primavera’ gets you into the dance vibes from the first second with this driving electronic beat. The progressive opening pushes you to the chiming piano. This melds with the synth notes that keep you moving to their beat. There is an infectious energy to the song that makes you want to get moving. While the melody is full of dance vibes, it has a depth that forms the basis for the track. The piano lines that come and go add an earthiness to the dance melody that draws on a range of influences.

Páula’s vocals are a light layer over the melody. Her delicate performance highlights the vulnerability within her voice. Even if you do not understand Portuguese, you can feel the openness of her performance and it is a wonderful contrast to the melody. The gentle vocals work as a counter to the increasing energy of the melody and gives you the moment you might need to breathe between the pulsing beats.

Páula, Povoa and Jerge mix vulnerability and dance energy on their nu-disco single ‘Primavera’. The track offers a rhythm that does not stop and makes you want to move to it. Over this is the vulnerable vocal performance which is delicate and matches the chiming piano line.

Find out more about Páula, Povoa and Jerge on their YouTube and Spotify.

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