Acrost – Brigmore (2020)

The woods of central Italy and Germany’s Black Forest are the inspiration for Acrost’s debut single ‘Brigmore’. Drawing on the videogame ‘Dishonored’ for the title, the track looks at the dark and mysterious side of nature and forests. The song is also influenced by superstitions and folklore.

While Acrost is a one-man band, the musical project carries all the expansive elements you want in folk music. There is a melding of acoustic guitars and synths to the lyrics of myths and oneiric experiences. The journey through the forests can be dark, but there is something light that draws you into the music.

The acoustic guitar opening of ‘Brigmore’ is light and playful, but there is this beat beneath it that adds something darker. It is like the darkness that lurks in the deep foliage as you walk along a forest path. The melody leads you to Acrost’s vocals which have an ethereal feeling to them. They are like wisps of fog winding their way through the melodic branches of the single.

The lyrics draw heavily on the Dishonored video game as you are introduced to the cult of black magic practitioners using the forest to honour their leader Delilah. The light tone of the song continues, but there is something more to it once you take in the lyrics. There are also these little wolf howls through the song that enhances the imagery of the track.

Acrost leads you down a forest trail in the dreamy and light ‘Brigmore’. The song includes an amazing leading acoustic guitar that combines with the slightly ominous vocals. This is a great start for Acrost and I am looking forward to the tracks he will release in the future.

Find out more about Acrost on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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