Petra Jasmiina – YCHM (2021)

Petra Jasmiina is hitting our ears with a different kind of love song. ‘YCHM’ is a sassy electro-pop smash that celebrates independence, having fun in your own company and individuality. With an important message of self-acceptance and self-love, she lets you know you can find joy in being on your own.

Known for her fresh and unique pop sound, Jasmiina has been making a name for herself since releasing her debut EP. This is no surprise with her ability to weave important messages into light-hearted and fun pop tracks. With a celebration of being single and enjoying your own company, she gets you moving to a light sound while filling you with the power of self-love.

‘YCHM’ has a light party feeling to the opening that pulls you in with the synth lines. The beats that follow shuffle against your ears before you are drawn into a more melodic flow. There is a wonderful fun and playful feeling to the melody that makes you smile and want to move. The joy of accepting yourself and being happy with who you are is woven into each note of the music. As you listen, your heart is lightened and any negativity is washed away by the bright tones of the music.

While the melody is all light and fun energy, the lyrics have a sassy edge to them. Jasmiina calls out an ex for all the terrible things that they have done in the relationship and since breaking up. The sassy lyrics let them know that she no longer needs them and that she is now happy alone. Between vocally shunning her ex, she shines a light on all the wonderful things that come from accepting yourself. The high tone of her performance enhances the playful vibes of the music.

Petra Jasmiina fills you with sassy, fun and vibrant energy as she leads you to self-acceptance and self-love in the bright ‘YCHM’. The melody is packed with fun and playful vibes that lift the bad from your shoulders while making you smile. Her vocals are a higher layer on the track that sassily call out an ex while giving you a glimpse at the joy of loving who you are.

Find out more about Petra Jasmiina on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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