Hotel California – Some Of You Remember Me Like This (2021)

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Daniel Green, Hotel California has an impassioned and heartfelt sound. Instead of sitting back and languishing in the Covid-19 lockdown, Green embraced creativity writing 24 tracks. Each song is to be released every three weeks as of the beginning of 2021 helping people keep their chins up in the current climate. Featured on Music From The Heart, Less Than 1000 Followers and various online radio stations, Green is reaching an international audience. The latest addition to his well-received repertoire is ‘Some Of You Remember Me Like This’.

Not as spirited as his previous track ‘Trust’, Green adopts a calmer, more flowing melody in ‘Some of You Remember Me Like This’. Reminiscent of Cat Stevens, with a drop of Simon & Garfunkel, the track has a strong folk sound but with a contemporary lilt. The acoustic guitar-driven track combines lighthearted instrumentation with witty, heartwarming lyricism creating a hazy ambience.

Written during a period when we need community spirit more than ever, ‘Some of You Remember Me Like This’ reflects on this significant approach. Exploring the emotions of fear, isolation, uncertainty and finally acceptance, the single is evocative and compelling. While whimsical with an innocent quality, there is an intimate intensity in the tender lyricism. This could be made by Green’s hushed tones or perhaps the simplistic instrumentation – all I know is it can lead you to tears with its beauty.

“When this crisis is over I’ll throw a garden party for all my neighbours. Community is the one thing I miss most during lockdown. When Corona started in March last year I was pretty much scared and still I can’t really cope with this strange situation… but for my part I must say despite all fear and uncertainty I live in an environment where people are there for each other… I wrote about these great people around me. I’m grateful to be part of this village.” Daniel Green on ‘Some of You Remember Me Like This’

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