Philip La Rosa – Baggage (2020)

Philip La Rosa has taken the time provided by the pandemic to reflect and compose new songs. This positive effect has resulted in a wealth of new music that he is readying for release in the future. One of these new singles is ‘Baggage’ which is the sensual display of positive vulnerability.

The song came about as he was able to let his walls crumble and take the time to unwrap trauma with a person of shared history. The airing of baggage leads to a positive change that strengthens relationships and allows inspiration to emerge. A ballad for the emancipated spirit, the song provides a euphoria that we have not heard from La Rosa before.

‘Baggage’ hooks you from the first moment with this wonderful piano line that you can’t stop listening to. The piano-driven melody creates a great foundation for the song and combines with the more traditional pop notes. The beat of the track grabs you but does not overpower the rhythm of the single. The electronic notes of the song that take over from the piano at times, are light and wonderfully executed.

La Rosa’s vocals first hit you with a short spoken-word intro that leads you to his smooth singing. His performance has this uninhibited quality to it, but there is an underlying tension. This tone complements the lyrics perfectly and drives the message home. His vocals soar while using a raw honesty that fills the chorus with this pain that transforms into something positive.

The accompanying music video is worth a look as it provides a visual representation of the lyrics. It transforms the emotional baggage into a metaphor using airport baggage that is wrapped and constricted. There is a simplicity to the video that makes it captivating to watch.

Philip La Rosa shares a positive vulnerability in ‘Baggage’ that lifts your spirit and strengthens you. The ballad has an addictive piano line and pop beat that you cannot get enough of. When combined with the aesthetically appealing music video, you are left with an amazing addition to his excellent repertoire.

Find out more about Philip La Rosa on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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