Rey – Open (2020)

Self-taught multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker Alex Cherney is the man behind the indie-rock project Rey. While the project has been in the works since 2018, he only felt inspired to finish and release his music recently. The goal is to offer an uplifting soundscape to counter the heavy feeling of the world in its current state. His single ‘Open’ comes from his album The Thing About Everywhere and does just that.

The song incorporates the poetic storytelling of Rey and combines nostalgic melodies with hazy composition. It also looks at themes such as healing, nature and personal relationships. The accompanying music video, out today, captures the emotions and overall vibe of the track in a cute way.

‘Open’ uses this groovy guitar line that is all surf folk to set the tone. The melody gets you into a fun mood from the very beginning and does not let you sink at all. It takes you to warm days spent relaxing on the beach. There is something vintage about the sound that adds to the feel-good nature of the song.

As the melody transports you to sandy beaches, Cherney’s vocals act as the fun vibes of summer. His performance is gentle and makes you feel happy. The easy tone of his vocals makes the storytelling of the lyrics shine. While there is a haziness to the composition, it is reminiscent of the haziness you get on a relaxed summer day.

The new music video for the song continues the journey of the single. There is something unbelievably fun about the video that captures the summer beach vibes of the song. The combination of Cherney in different locations including a blooming greenhouse with some floating yellow animations is entertaining to watch and create the perfect visual backdrop for the song.

Rey transports you to a dreamy beach landscape with the nostalgic surf tones of ‘Open’. The easy melody of the track combines with Cherney’s poetic lyrical storytelling and soothing vocals to create the easy summer track you may have been waiting for.

Find out more about Rey on his Instagram and Spotify.

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