Phondupe – Silo (2021)

With a dark electronic soundscape, Phondupe has captured the uncertainty of the last year in ‘Silo’. Using a dry sense of reflection, the track delves into the dark corners of the mind to consider the dance between despair and determination. Continuing the boundary-pushing nature of his music, the single channels his own experience with darkness.

Taken from his debut album, the song combines alternative RnB with manic pop for an intense listening experience. With a nod to bygone eras and a splash of off-centre electronica, Rich Lucano, the man behind the music, creates restless soundscapes. Blending a range of influences, he carefully crafts his unique sound that leaves you reeling in its wake.

The electronic notes that pluck their way across the opening of ‘Silo’ are unbelievably effective in grabbing your attention. They continue to pulse in the lower levels of the melody while deeper tones vibrate and drone ominously in the lower levels. Over this are some shuffling notes that add a sense of urgency and uncertainty to the melody. There are a lot of layers to the melody that get your heart pounding and put the hairs on the back of your neck on edge. The movement of the melody does feel rather manic at times like you are lost in a room of mirrors and unsure which way is forward.

Phondupe’s vocals are a pillar against the synth assault. As the music pulses and vibrates around you, his voice calls through the pelting tones to beckon you into the dark corners of your consciousness. Later in the track, his performance gets a whispered echo to it that adds to the mentality of the single. While his voice is a steady point in the maelstrom of music, there is something about it that has you questioning everything around you.

Phondupe dips into the darkness of our consciousness for the dark electronic maelstrom that is ‘Silo’. While the music is a cyclone of sound, his vocals stand against it as a pillar for you to hold onto. As he grounds you against the sound, he has you questioning everything around you.

Find out more about Phondupe on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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