Urban Rodeo – A Bit of Country (2021)

Most people have felt like escaping from the humdrum of life at some point. If you are looking for some freedom without any consequences, Urban Rodeo has what you need with ‘A Bit of Country’. Through the relaxing and rolling tones of the single, the band captures the wind rushing through your hair as you tear down the open road with your favourite person.

This taste of sonic freedom is the debut single from the alt-country band and lets you know that they are in it for the long haul. Having started out in 2016 as a cover band playing everyone’s favourite country songs, they are branching out into their own music. Through their sound, they help you leave your troubles behind and enjoy a moment of unadulterated freedom and release.

‘A Bit of Country’ pulls you in with a wonderful blending of country and rock. Through the melody, you can feel the wind rushing past you and practically see the open road winding its way to the horizon. The opening drops for the verses before the music picks up again on the chorus. There is a light feeling to the music that lifts your spirits and fills you with a sense of freedom and open spaces.

The vocals add to the country vibe while offering a relatable connection. The first verse perfectly captures the feeling that most people have first thing on a Monday morning. This transitions into a really catchy yearning on the chorus that sends your mind soaring to a moment of freedom and relaxation. The vocals have a delightful gruffness to them that brings an earthiness to the music that enhances the connection woven into the lyrics. Seriously, the chorus is ridiculously catchy and will make you want to sing along as you blare the single while you drive.

Urban Rodeo offers a bit of freedom to the gruff country tones of ‘A Bit of Country’. The music is a wonderful combination of country, rock and the open road. As the melody sends you flying down the open road, the vocals wash over you with a light gruffness and a yearning for freedom and relaxation.

Find out more about Urban Rodeo on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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