Vince Palmeri – Painkiller (2021)

A lot of people underestimate the power of love but this is not something that Vince Palmeri is doing. With his single ‘Painkiller’, he considers how someone’s love can ease the painful parts of life. Using a touch of metaphors with catchy hooks and soaring melodics, he hits you with an upbeat pop-rock track that really makes you appreciate the loved ones in your life.

The single is the second off his EP of the same name and a wonderful taster of his sound. While Palmeri has found joy in making music from a young age, his career as a solo artist only began in 2019 through an artist application program. Since then, his fun, relatable and personal songs have resonated with listeners and are building him up as a force to be reckoned with.

‘Painkiller’ hits you with a blend of pop and rock from the first notes. The guitars have a light rock dusting while the beats are all pop. These elements come together for a really engaging melody that effortlessly gets you tapping your foot. The rather infectious energy of the melody hooks into your brain and will not let go until Palmeri is ready. The steadiness of the music creates a wonderful foundation for the vocals. There are some guitar riffs that shine through later in the track that have your spirits soaring with them.

As the melody blends pop and rock, Palmeri’s vocals continue this with a really upbeat flow. While his performance has you bouncing around to the energy, the lyrics fill you with the soothing balm of love. There are moments of confession in his performance before he turns to an acknowledgement of how the love of someone has eased the pain he feels. The chorus is really catchy and guaranteed to get you singing along.

Vince Palmeri has you singing along to his catchy vocals while you bounce to the rhythm of ‘Painkiller’. The single combines rock and pop sensibilities for an upbeat and engaging soundscape that makes you really appreciate the soothing balm of love. Through the vocals and lyrics, you are shown the rough edges that love can soothe while bopping to the infectious arrangement.

Find out more about Vince Palmeri on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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