Mili & Bertie – Into The Night (2022)

Bringing contemporary edginess to an old-school acoustic folk sound, UK-based duo Mili & Bertie is rather difficult to define. In fact, they admit that their music is difficult to categorise as they want to bring diversity to their sonic sphere – and this is what they really do. Technically formed in 2016 by music graduates Mili and Bertie, the pair travelled the world sharing their natural talent with international audiences. We are lucky enough that they decided to begin releasing original material in 2019 reaching even more listeners via the internet.

Already featured on The Other Side Reviews with their single ‘The Other Side’ (read our review here), we have an insight into this dynamic duo. Yet, we are not the only ones singing their praises. Receiving coverage from York Calling, The Daily Listening, Roadie Music, and Up And Coming, Mili & Bertie are creating waves with their boundary-breaking sound. After collaborating with Baz Warne on ‘That’s Alright’, Mill & Bertie add the EP Into The Night to their repertoire.

With a desire to make the EP as dynamic and refreshing as their live performances, Into The Night is engaging, energetic and effortlessly connects with listeners. While there is a strong folk influence to their music, the melodic arrangements introduce some dream-pop beats to the eclectic style. Beginning with the psychedelic track ‘Cosmic Blue’, Mili & Bertie create a hazy swirl of sound, only to lead to the country-influenced ‘Stay Tonight’. Both energetic singles with a retro feeling, the songs have you tapping your toe and nodding your head in time to the beats.

Midway through Into The Night, there is a re-release of the popular ‘That’s Alright’ with Baz Warne. Originally composed as an acoustic single, the pair chose to add more pizzazz to the song with a studio band incorporated in the arrangement. This is a particularly interesting song, along with clever placement, acting as a transition piece from folk to more indie-inspired sounds. Head-bopping grittiness is easily heard with the powerful guitar riffs and rich vocals serenading each other…then the pair’s innovation really shines through.

With the upbeat, hard-hitting ‘That’s Alright’ we hear a gruffer side of Mili & Bertie only to descend into the slower, steadier and more tender ‘Fall Apart’. Intense vulnerability can be heard in the simplistic arrangement and lyricism reaching out into the intimate soundscape. Into The Night ends with the emotive ‘Say It Right (Next Time)’ highlighting the poignancy, profoundness and versatility of the artists. Mili & Bertie share that for them, “music makes the world go round” – their passion for music is clearly evident in this moving EP.

For more from Mili & Bertie check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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