Dutch Criminal Record – Feel Good (2020)

Hailing from the coastal town of Portsmouth, England, Dutch Criminal Record is an addictive surf-rock band pushing out enchanting tracks left, right and centre. Having been on the scene for approximately five years, Dutch Criminal Record is constantly evolving in sound and delivery. Some of their more popular tracks include the emphatic indie-rock melodies ‘Graduate’ and ‘Socks & Sandals’, but I’m here to talk to you about their latest release ‘Feel Good’.

Moving from the more indie-rock melodies over the past few years, ‘Feel Good’ lies somewhere between The Ventures, The Beach Boys, Foals and Sea Girls. In fact, these Portsmouth lads performed with Sea Girls at one point. Unfortunately, any further live performances have been delayed because of the COVID pandemic. Here’s hoping that things are back to society’s definition of normal soon.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, ‘Feel Good’.

With a mixture of steady drums, catchy guitar riffs and calming vocals, Dutch Criminal Record places you in a sense of upbeat tranquillity. Injected with some 60s-style surf-rock bands, and an undertone of some contemporary indie-rock, Joe Delaney-Stone (vocals and drums), Sam Thrussell (vocals and guitar) and Joe Frampton (drums) create addictive and anthemic tracks. Delaney-Stone explains that he was listening to Orange Juice while idly playing guitar and the opening riff of ‘Feel Good’ fell onto his fingers – talk about serendipity!

Already emerging as a notable force in the UK scene, Dutch Criminal Record’s presence on various playlists have gained them international status. If they continue to produce songs like ‘Feel Good’ it will not be long until Sea Girls is supporting them and not the other way around. Unless you’re completely out of touch with reality, ‘Feel Good’ will make you feel good.

For more from Dutch Criminal Record check out their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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