PleasePrettyLea – You’re Home Finally (2021)

Featured on notable publications like A&R Factory, RGM and FV Music Blog, PleasePrettyLea is reaching audiences on an international scale. Born with music in her soul, the UK-based singer-songwriter has been performing since age 6. Working alongside names like DJ Moky and DJ Apostle, this young lady has a strong foundation for her controversial style. The latest addition to PleasePrettyLea’s repertoire is the single ‘You’re Home Finally’

Using her visual manifestation Voldermortis, PleasePrettyLea once again explores the grittier and sinister side of life. As with the smooth single ‘Birthday Card’, ‘You’re Finally Home’ has a haunting and unique style. Combining hip-hop beats with old-school jazz, PleasePrettyLea has a way of creating a “smoky jazz venue meets night club dancefloor” vibe. In fact, ‘You’re Home Finally’ could be the sonic representation of two lovers gyrating with careless abandon and lustrous temptation.

With her husky operatic vocals executed atop a hushed melody, ‘You’re Home Finally’ oozes sensuality. Simplistic with basic beats, the new track has a bouncy grittiness to its melody; however, it is the abruptness of the ending which seems to enhance the darkness and sexual poignancy.

Alongside her single, PleasePrettyLea releases a compelling music video for ‘You’re Home Finally’. As with the song, the video exudes sensuality playing out a breathtaking Argentine Tango. The visually dark overtones aptly match the sinister quality of the vocals and lyricism. While not overtly displaying the sexual lyrical content, there is an unnerving edge to the interplay of PleasePrettyLea with her partner. Savvy with witty cheekiness, PleasePrettyLea showcases her authenticity and inexplicable originality.

All in all, ‘You’re Home Finally’ is another brazen, spine-chilling, toe-tingling, breathtaking single from this mature artist. Easily one of the more interesting acts at the moment, PleasePrettyLea will steal your soul with one cheeky grin.

For more from PleasePrettyLea check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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